The Park

Churchwood is blessed with a wonderful natural setting. But it doesn’t just take care of itself – we work hard to preserve habitats for mammals, birds and insects wherever possible.

Churchwood Valley is home to over a hundred different species of bird including the rare Cirl Bunting, whose habitat includes a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), part of which is on our land. Our beach is part of a voluntary marine conservation area and the Marine Centre just above the Old Mill Café provides an interpretation centre and a base for wardens who guide the frequent rockpool rambles in the summer months.

david_bellamy_awardConserving, preserving and protecting

Over many years, new cabins, our shop and our information room, have all been clad in chestnut, fences have been made of Monterey pine and internal cladding of elm – all grown, planked and seasoned at Churchwood.

Our recycling centre has facilities for glass, plastic containers, paper and board, steel tins, aluminium cans, and green waste, while we also recycle plastic film from the shop and office.

Across the site, the cuttings from the unending task of trimming and strimming trees, shrubs and grass produce compost that is used around the site and in the seasonal hanging baskets that adorn every cabin.

Within the cabins, we use low energy light bulbs wherever possible and phosphate-free cleaning agents to help protect the environment. Whenever we renew or replace buildings or equipment, we research what is available that is good for the environment and ‘buy green’.

We have won a Gold Conservation Award for no less than 22 years in a row from Professor David Bellamy – one of the few parks in the south west to have done so.