churchwood_badgerWildlife & Conservation

Badgers and foxes regularly provide our guests with a spectacle that beats any TV programme.

It is not unusual to see foxes casually wandering along the top of High Road, in full of view of guests, with the cubs as relaxed as a litter of puppies.

One guest reported that one evening a young badger and a fox cub touched noses before settling down to eat, only to have their ‘date’ interrupted by an older badger that drove off the young fox.

And then there was the vixen and dog fox that stuffed their mouths with food for their cubs, taking it off to their earth and then in the fullness of time bringing the whole litter up to the cabins for their evening meal.

We also have a huge range of bird life in the valley with blue tits, robins and chaffinches being regular visitors. Last year we had a CCTV camera in a blue tit nest box and guests and locals walking through the Park came to watch the action ‘live’!

Our guests love sending us their photos and we have a gallery on our Facebook page.

There are far more wildlife stories than we have room for here – so why not come and see for yourself?